N16 09/2006 No Start No Crack

Hello to everyone,
I have a nissan almera n16, 1500, 09/2006, bought it on 02/2007.

Last week it started not responing at all when i try to turn it on. It doesn't even crack.

I got it to a mechanic and he checked the start motor, no power goes there.

The battery is ok, it has 12.6Volts and while trying to turn it on it drops to 12.49Volts.

Last time it turned on, to go to the mechanic, i was trying for 1,5 hours.

I didn't have the time yet to go it to an electrician.

The keys are ok, there is no NAT light and no warning whatsover is written, checked with obd from the mechanic.
Are there any ideas?
When you managed to get it started after 1.5 hours of trying what did you do differently to make it start? Was it started by the battery and starter motor or bump started?
You've measured a voltage drop at the battery when trying to start. Something is consuming power. I would query the starter motor. Is it ceased? Does the starter motor housing feel warm after your attempts to start the engine?
Spondy thanks for your reply.
I didn't do anything different, that was the weird thing...
The electician talled me that it was the PCM which he fixed and now everything is ok.
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