N16 1.5 Activ progress

Just thought I'd make a thread of my car and the progress (Little at the moment) with it.

Few pics of the day I got the car


A week or two later I changed the wheel trims

I have done a few mods since this and I will upload some pics later in the week!
A fellow 1.5 N16 owner! What have you got planned? I'd recomend a pair of clear side repeaters, as the orange ones on there stick out a fair bit.
Thanks, haven't seen any others on the forum in this colour yet, there are more mods to come just need to take some more recent pics later in the week! Have thought about clear side repeaters, just haven't found any for sale yet.
They do look quite cool, I was thinking about tint filming the fogs when I get them and the indicators on the side of the headlight
Check out Liam's garage clearout thread in the for sale section. He has a pair of clear side repeaters for sale in there.
Everyone else seems to have done a better job of fitting the cupra splitter than I did when I had mine.

I'd think about colour-coding the side bump strips or getting black ones for the bumpers, looks odd having both.

Personally I'd save the money spent on fancy hubcaps. Paint steelies black or gunmetal or something original and funky until you can get a nice set of alloys.

Plenty potential though.
Think someone already called dibs on Liam's repeaters I did buy the fogs from him though, and yeah I spent £18 on the trims but took them off about a month ago, just got steelies on at the moment they need spraying black and some rust removed!
I've run into a problem whilst fitting the fogs, the fogs themselves are in and wired up but the connectore to the original stalk are different to the new oneDSC_0044.jpg

Top right it the standard stalk and top left the new one, does anybody have any ideas of what I need to do? Could just be me being stupid though haha
You will also find that the holes are different when you come to screwing them back in, you may be better off searching ebay for the stalk. I was going to swap the stalks from my first almera when i got my black one but as soon as i noticed that i gave up on the idea. Sorry cant help but hope i have given you something worthwhile
That's okay I appreciate it anyway, they are in they just don't work haha got a few updates too

Still a few mods to come, back is still standard but the front has Ice white headlights, Cupra splitter, front fog lights (Bought from Liam), the grill sprayed black and wind deflectors.
Another quick little mod today, I tinted the front fog lights The indicators on the side of the headlight will be next and hopefully easier than the fogs, I should have tinted them before installing!DSC_0050.jpg
Just worked out my Mpg for the past couple of weeks and I'm averaging 21mpg for some reason, going to try and stop caning it for a bit to see if it makes a difference still haven't sorted the fogs might see if there's any way to just make a switch to turn them on and my car needs a service too.
Get this to solve the fog light problem - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NISSAN-ALMERA-HEADLIGHT-INDICATOR-STALK-Yreg-/271197727597?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&fits=Car Make:Nissan|Model:Almera&hash=item3f24a4eb6d

Don't forget the relay too, that was something I overlooked when I did mine.

If you're going to tint the indicators, be sure to remove them by unclipping them from inside the engine bay. Really easy to do, and will make your job a lot easier.
Cheers for that mate! And with the relay do you mean the fuse? I have looked this up and in the fuse box in my engine bay the left hand side row are full of fuses.
No, the relay is a different thing altogether, it's a bit like a big fuse but does a different job. The relay box is on the opposite side of the engine bay to the fuse box, next to the washer fluid reservoir. There are various relays in there for different electronic systems, but it dosen't come with a front fog light relay if they wern't originally fitted to the car. It's really easy to fix, you just need to get the part. I overlooked this when I did my front fogs and couldn't work out why even after fitting the correct indicator stalk, they wouldn't work.
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