N16 2.2dci "Black Fox"

Hi! As some of you know, I'm from Portugal, and now, finally I put here some fotos of my sweet ride. It's the Van version of a 2004 N16 2.2dci 136 car. It doesnt have any mods, just a good maintenance.

Dunlop Sport BluResponse 195/55 R16V in back and Contipremium Contact 2 in front.

This wheel has been renewed by the previous owner

Gear knob have to be changed

Old screen with some scratches. I want to put the colour screen.

I think the pedals could be changed to a aluminium pedals from the 2000-03 Nissan Maxima

Trunk door lock is getting grainy

A Stable for some horses

New Accessories belts

Some covers missing

This have to be painted in GTR yellow

Something to be changed

Old exhaust. I want to install a new one in Inox.

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Last week, I've did some engine cleaning, I have clean too the EGR, with some performance improvements and today I have Reset the ECU. Now i've to test the car, and see if it's a bit less smokey when I put down the right pedal.

Next Step:

Suction Control Valve replacement
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1st report after a test drive. Definitely it have more power. I have to be more carefull when I pull out, because it lacks some traction. I have to go to 17" wheels. Some of the rims I'm thinking:

Work Emotion XT7 GunMetal 17x7.0 (7.26kg)

Konig feather Black 17x7.0 (7.62Kg)

Team Dynamics 1.2 17x7.0 (7.85kg) or 17x7.5 (8.16kg)

Rota Force 17x7.5 (8.39KG)

I've registered more 3 sizes in my car. 215/45 R17; 205/45 R17 and 215/35 R18
No, itsn't a complete cover in the rear. It split in 2 parts. The back one that we find in the 5 seats version, and the midle one that covers the rear seats section. In this its more simple to mount the rear passenger seats and belts. Just take the midle cover and the grid and install the rear seats and belts. Its ready to make and simple to make this. Soon I will put the photos for all of you understand the minimum diference to a 5 seats version. I've never seen a Almera with panelled back windows.
well thats an interesting approach for those who like to do some weight savings without making the car all stripped out. Where can we get that cover for rear seats section?
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