N16 Airbag Recall

Received a letter from Nissan today regarding a "potential safety concern with your Nissan Almera" - its like they knew it just failed the MOT!

The letter details the following:

Nissan has identified that a potential air leak on specific variants of "SPI" and "PSPI" passenger airbag inflators may allow moisture to enter causing the propellant in the inflator to deteriorate.
Deterioration of the propellant may, under usage conditions, lead to abnormal deployment of the passenger airbag. In an extreme situation, this condition could create excessive pressure within the inflator during airbag deployment and may result in separation of the airbag housing.

They state approx 2 hours to inspect and fix at Nissan dealer, free of charge etc.
Yeah I got this with my '02 and now with my '05. It takes about an hour, they gave me a year of roadside assistance last time!

I sent Nissan UK an email to confirm it had been done with my new one a couple of weeks ago, I get an email back saying no recalls are needed (I was hoping to get better headlights). Then the next day the airbag recall letter comes through the post so go figure ha.
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