N16 DCi-R

Of all the experiences with clutches, which one is best placed is the original?
Black diamond knows if it works well ????
Is FCD2 a good option? or try to change the seat ibiza 130 hp map sensor and change the plug?

What do you think of the solution?
or try with FDC2 ??

As I said, the FCD2 does the job well enough, but it's not perfect. As to the Ibiza MAP sensor, I don't know. That would be something you would need to talk to your mapper about using.

I'd recommend Exedy OEM spec clutch. I don't have an experience with the Black Diamond one. But for an uprated disc I have the 2JR one, but yet to use it.
Still exists, but needs some TLC. Not moved in 3 years, except pushed around the driveway a bit. Money has gone into the Evo more recently, but had plans to sort the N16 out in 2020, until a fucking pandemic hit and I lost 75% of my work and income.


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@edk New here, got a question but how did you make your custom front bumper on your N16, with V10, N16 and G10 parts? And do you have some images of it perhaps?? And where is that hood and grille from?
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