N16 Nissan Brake Upgrade Options


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N16 Nissan OEM 4 pot brake upgrade options.

This is what I've cobbled together so far.

1) Calipers made for 280mm discs when fitted to the N16/P10/P11 will need 272-274mm discs (turned down S14/Z32 discs).
2) Calipers made for 296mm discs when fitted to the N16/P10/P11 can use 280mm discs from S14 or Z32. Possible pad overlap, recommend using Mintex S14 pads.

1) Z32, S14, R32 GTS-T.
2) R32 GTR, R33 GTS-T.

Notes: All 30mm thick discs. 280mm disc use with S14 pads (smaller pad area to reduce overlap). S14 discs turned down to the 272-274mm will suit (and drilled to 4 stud).
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Caliper Definitions

Fitted to R32 GTR Originally for 296x32mm discs.

Fitted to R33 GTS-T Originally for 296x30mm discs.

Fitted to Z32 (300ZX) and R32 GTS-T Originally for 280x30mm discs.

Comparing Aluminium Z32 (300ZX) / R32 GTS-T with S14 CAST Calipers. Originally for 280x30mm discs. Note: Some early 300ZX models were fitted with Cast calipers.


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Just a little note for this...

Ive now got the DB Power kit fitted, which includes; (star denotes parts included in the kit from DB Power)

R34 GTT 310mm discs (re-drilled)*
HEL Brakes lines*
Z32 4 Pot Aluminium Calipers
R34 GTT Brake pads
16x M12 washers

As stated you will need to use R34 GTT pads as 300ZX overhang the disc. Also you will need 16 washers, ill post up my pics tomorrow/monday showing where and why. I will be speaking with Dan at DB Power next week to see if its possible to adjust the specs of the brackets ect so the washers aren't needed.

Ill report back as and when.
nice one Liam, good news with the pads too ;)

nistros set came with precut alu washers/spacers to take the caliper to the correct width, so it is the method used, if you managed to set them up with regular washers will be handy to know how thick they are and where you used them :)

... --- ...
Right heres a pic to show where the washers go...


As you can see you need a washer either side of the hub mounting point. You need them because;

1. The stop the non threaded part of the bolt going thru the hub/knuckle too far
2. To space the bracket correctly to allow the calipers to sit central over the disc

So thats 2x washers for each bolt. Theres 2 bolts on each bracket. 4 Bolts in total. = 8 washers.

I said in my above post you need 16 washers, this is due to the bolts that attach the caliper to the bracket being too long and you need 2x washers on each bolt (as well as the standard spring washer). Thus totalling 16 washers. I didnt get round to measuring the washers, but I would estimate they are pretty much 2mm thick.

You would be able to eliminate these washers by;

1. Using shorter bolts for mount the caliper to the bracket (would eliminate 8 washers)
2. Using different bolts to mount the bracket to the hub/knuckle (would eliminate 4 washers)
3. Having the *spacers* for the calipers made 2mm thinner (eliminating the final 4 washers)

I have spoken to Dan at DB-Power about the problems I encountered and I presume he will be sorting the issues for future buyers.

N16 Ryan

Ok sorry for being thick but if I get these calipers from the lists above then do I need to get discs redrilled or did some come with the right PCD please


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I chased him up since, and he replied saying he would get hold of a 310mm discs and test it on his mate's P11. Heard nothing since then.
Hi! So with that 310mm kit, maybe it wouldnt need modifications? Just install without further adjustments, right? I'm looking for a kit like that, and i hope that it will be just "plug and play". And the disc size it's the perfect size for me. I search in other models, and in gti's that is the normal change in the cars. If you see in the new 208 GTi it goes in the front from 266mm to 302mm, ds3 racing 283 to 323, abarth punto from 265 to 305. I know that is a 35/40mm increase, not just 30mm, but that vehicles uses 195/55 R16 and goes to 205/45 R17 and in a Almera it goes to 215/45 R17 so i think what it loses in disc size for that models, it will win in tyre width.
With the actual kit that DB-Power is selling, what i will need to have all brake parts to make the installation? I know it needs 4 pot calipers and 4 pads. Wich is your opinion about this kit? Thanks
Dont buy the DB Power kit yet. It isnt correct for the N16 at the moment, apparently he's looking at the problems.
So, can anyone confirm that s14 calipers are bolt on for N16? Can I use the stock 22mm 280mm rotors, and what pads would I need...Sorry if I am reposting...


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Please see first post for details. As for thickness you could use 22mm but might need to centre the disc using wheel spacers or caliper using washers. Minimum wear lines will be brought forward too. Get S14 discs really and redrill and turn.



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Update on turning down S14 discs (at least for Brembo Z32 pads), down to 271mm. Had to get them redone from 276mm as it was fouling the caliper.




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