n16 on track in jap fest!

i was impressed with how fast they actually do go lol it was funny seein it on with scoobys and evos tho lol by the way love the red tape it looked much better then them professional ones lol
was very impressed with it, when i first seen an n16 on track i wasnt expecting much, but showed what a big pair of balls can do against more powerful cars
I'm intregued; Even with all that low-end torque to get it rolling I'd be surprised to see any standard N16 put next to those cars on the track?

Surely must have had some pretty serious work done to it?
Morning guys! Ive just registered as i own the N16 with the red go faster stripes!!!!! I dont think i was going that fast....its just that everyone else was going slow lol It was a fun day with 5 sessions in total.... i'll try and get some pics of the day later that were taken by a pro'

Certainly upset a few of the bigger cars yesterday...

Welcome Simon.

What engine is yours, 1.5 or 1.8?

I had a 54 plate 1.5 SE, with 17s, a backbox & induction kit, that pissed off some guy in an old shape M5, as we both booted it off a roundabout, & he couldn`t get away from me down the bypass! :D :cool:


Just chillin'
I raced a 1.8 before but my car was stripped out then. I got no chance now lol

would love to see pics of a N16 on track with some other cars :) not many N16's on here that go on track
ive a load of pro' pics from japfest with the N16 along with other cars..... is there anyone i can email them to so they can host/post them up? Cheers
Hi Simon,

We got quite a few piccies of you in the N16, in our Japfest Photo thread over on NPOC :)

Here's a sample for you matey:


You can see other photos of yourself and car here:


You'll need to register a username to access that thread.

It was great to see you out on the track.. What I want to know is, did the pin striping added later in the day, add any BHP!!

Take care matey and big up the Almera - Much respect to you!!
Cheers for the comments! Yeah lol we got bored at lunch time so used two rolls of red electrical tape on the almera, a supra and a pulsar! as you do!!!! i think i got another 5bhp lol ...... some people up in the paddock thought all three of us were being serious! I forgot to cut the tape onthe supra so he couldn't open his door!.. i'll now sort my pics out.....
i was at japfest

hey i saw your blue almera a few times mate i had my silver almera there too i was one of the people doing a passenger ride on the 1.30 driftworks. was in the white silva that went out first and did a really slow 4th lap with the blown out back tyres haha! my mera was parked in organisers vip carpark. ill put sum piccys of it on soon :D Kush
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