N16 P1 headlights


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Been done before, can't remember by whom, though.
Requires some cutting in the engine bay and rewiring if I recall correctly.

Should be able to find details if you search.
rewiring it is a defo I don't think it was cutting the engine bay. I think it was cutting the bumper (you can't see it when the bumper is back on the car)

hardest thing is wiring it if your not a big fan of wiring.

also beware of ebay lights they could cause you a majour head ache as Nissan did recall these head lights (early type) so the best thing to do is buy non-genuine head lights they look the same but instead of nissan they say Depo on it. I think a pair of them brand new were like £130
trimming back front bar, along with cutting a section of your radiator support out are also required.

ph1 radiator support has an extra support due to indicator and headlights being 2 separate pieces.
I want to do the conversion but need the connectors for the P2.....I dont live in UK can anyone please try to see if any of the wreckers have and let me know


im trying to do this my self and cant find ANY connectors anywhere... been to like 8 scrap yards and no one has any. lemme know if theres any going please :D
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