N16 - P2 Headlights

Hey folks. I'm having my P2 lights delivered tomorrow and I'm planning to fit them at the weekend. I've found the How-To for actually fitting the lights but nothing about the wiring. Will I have to buy P2 connectors and re-wire? Anyone done a How-To for this part? Any help/advice appreciated :detective:
As far as i can remember matey, you will need P2 connectors to solder onto the exsisting P1 loom. Just pop to a scrappy, cut em off and pop em in your pocket! :)
I've not got a scrappy near me mate but if you do and you can get some for me asap, I'll be your bitch! You know you want to, lol.
Aye mate, P1 and P2 have different ones. As Liam said, I need to solder my wires into a P2 connector. Soldering isn't a problem, just need the connectors, lol.
Sorry bud, im no where near a scrappy, even the ones further away never seem to have any almeras in. Plus i dont have a car to get there :lol:
Right then, wanna get this done ASAP as current headlight is cracked and MOT is nearly up. Can anyone shed any light on the wiring side of things? The P2 lights have 1 connector with 4 contacts and the P1 lights have 2 connectors (6 wires that I can see). If anyone can advise and save me a day under the bonnet with a multimeter, i'd be well chuffed. It seems that anyone who's done this before is no longer on here?!?:helpsmilie:
Get yourself an FSM, it cant be too difficult to work out which wire is for what.

Worse comes to worse, get a mate to sit in the car, get a multimeter, and get the mate to turn the side lights, dipped and main on one after another. Wont take too long to find out which is which!

Speak to Ross about connectors mate....
FSM? Aye, was gonna resort to that, mate is coming down on Tuesday after work. Just wanted to get it done this weekend, evenings are a bugger if it all goes Pete Tong, lol.
Factory service manual :lol:

Yea thats true mate, but hang fire, ill look in my manual a minute...
According to the FSM the wire colours on the looms for both PH1 and PH2 are the same. And go like this....

Left Light - Dipped - Red/Yellow wire
Left Light - Full - Red/Brown
Right Light - Dipped - Purple
Right Light - Full - Yellow

But please check yourself before you wire them in, as id hate for it be wrong and you burn out the loom or something!

Big Ant

im going to be doing this very shortly (when the cars gettin its spray) but....
the lights in mine are adjustible (go up and down) would i have to get ones that do this? dont want to loose the feature to be honest its handy for motorways etc
Didnt have them on the diagram mate :confused: but there can only be 4 wires left on each side (2 for the sides and 2 for the adjusters) so should be simples with a multimeter!

Well folks, lights in and working. Desperately need alignment done but ok apart fae that. Fitting was easy, wiring was a cunt, lol. My mate (who is an electronics engineer) was helping and even he was baffled a couple of times, LOL. Anyhoo, comments welcome.
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