N16 P2 - new Head, or IPod connection?

Hi All,

I'm looking to hook up my ipod (itouch 32gb) to my N16 p2.
I've already tried the fm modulators, but I'm finished with them - patchy reception through the city.
I'd also like to be able to control the ipod through the steering wheel controls :)

I'm happy enough with the OEM stereo - after I updated the original speakers!

I think I've 2 options -
1. Connection to the cd-changer;
Has anyone tried this one: http://www.xcarlink.co.uk/product.php?productid=28&cat=0&page=1
Support don't seem to know anything about the P2 :-(

Are there other options for the n16? (a Kenwood device?)

2. A new head unit.
I haven't found any facia units for the P2. Has anyone?
Any recommendations on head units with an ipod connection?

(I quite fancy one of those units with a fold away screen; sat nav)

Any other ideas?




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what spec is your phase 2 almera N16 as there are 2 different versions of the dash in the Phase 2 almera. I think you can only buy a facia for a almera S only I think I never seen one for a SE, SXE or SVE. however you can mod the original facia for a radio to fit. you can fit the radio in the car as long as it does not have sav nav.

I am not sure if you can place a radio in the original slot if you have sat nav as the sat nav might be interlinked

I have a almera Phase 2 SE and I mount the head unit in the glove box as I could not find a facia for my car

just noticed on your other thread you have a SXE.

I have not used any of them interfaces and I am certain it will not tell you about the track listing and etc.
There are lots of head units where you can control the ipod with the head unit controls but I doubt you'll be able to control the head unit (and thus the ipod) with the OEM steering wheel controls as I can find no Almera specific controller convertors. There are some 'universal' ones that require a good bit of fiddling to get working but have heard no reports of anyone getting it to work though at some point I'll be giving it a try and will post the results.
Thanks for the update.
Sorry, I shouild have been more clear - its a 2006 - Almera SXE 1.5. No sat nav installed.

I didn't realise there was 2 versions of dash for the p2. - I've attached a photo of mine.

Darren - do you have any photos of your solution (head in glove box)?
Based on Wraiths comments, I guess you can't control the new head from the steering controls either?

Any other ideas?




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A 1.5 SXE with no sat nav? Must be different in Ireland then as the SXE is top of the range in the UK with full spec, and only came with a 1.8 petrol or 2.2 diesel 136.

Interested in what you're asking, as I'd like to have mp3 player competability too. Can you talk me through what you did about changing your speakers mate? the OEM ones are rubbish arent they! :)
Also contemplating an Xcarlink for a 53 plate 1.8 Tino, not sat nav but the factory stereo is integrated with the climate control etc...
Xcarlink have agreed a 10% discount for members until Dec 25th, that makes the unit £76.50 without bluetooth or £113.11 with, this includes next day delivery...
It does pee me off a bit that the advertised price is not what you pay!!! It's only when you get to check out that the 20% VAT is added on!!!
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I can confirm the quality of the Xcarlink. Had one in my Accord for a while and it certainly does the trick. The folder setup is a pain in the arse and being limited to 99tracks per folder sux but meh... :)
I've been considering one of the Xcarlink's as well as I've got the stuck CD problem in my car. I've got a 2004 SE so changing the head unit isn't really an option. The only thing that's stopped me pulling the trigger so far is that I don't know how to check if my CD player will have a changer connection in the back of it. Are the head units all standard or are there different models? I don't want to pull the dash apart just to check that, then have to pull it all apart again to install it so any help is appreciated.
Watch "Yatour MP3 USB / SD / AUX changer adaptor in Niss…" on YouTube
Yatour MP3 USB / SD / AUX changer adaptor in Niss…:
would this be any good ?

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That's James' N16. James is on here and posted about it. He rated it well. have a search on the forums for Yatour.
Didn't realise that I just found the clip on YouTube ....Whilst trying to find a solution to the same problem but after seeing your photos of the central console ripped out EDK I'm thinking that's the best route to go rip it out and start again

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