N16 pulsar project

Well my new front lip is questionable and I'll probably get mixed opinions, I'm a university student so for less than $20 nzd. I can't complain.

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I quite like it. Shame the lines don't line up on the end though, a little over zealous with the cutting knife?
It needs to be lifted on that side as you can see it looks out of level. So I cut it at a slightly different angle. But yeah it's a bit short haha

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so i want my exhaust to be a little bit louder, ive got an HKS high flow muffler on the end which makes it a little bit louder, but there are 2 stock mufflers just after the cat converter, has anyone removed one or both of these?? what did it sound like, i dont want to go deaf i just want a bit more noise.....

Ok so I have found this pulsar. It's cheap. Needs a few things done. High kms but it's not an import so it has no rust. What do you guys think. Good project car?????

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Welllll I have so good and bad news haha.
You probably won't see me on here much for a while as I have brought a project car. A 1973 Morris 1300. I'm slowly restoring it as I can afford it.

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