N16 QG15 various throtle

Greetings all, I am proud owner of almera n16 qg15 engine, i have this car over 4 years but recently I have problem with throtle, i.e. all time of the driving my engine varies and rpm moves although i dont touch pedal of gas, do not have any error codes, changed spark plugs, filters, cheked crank and cam sensors, also valves of throtle and MAF sensor, I don`t know what to do, Heeeelllppp meee, any sugestion??
not very familiar with the 1.5 engine at all so i might be talking bollox but does it have an idle control valve? if it does try that.
Thanks for replay, it has idle control valve, also i cleaned him and inspect all hoses for leakage, put together all and nothing, all same :( on idle 700-750 rpm and varied...
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