N16 SR16VE

well here she is, i finally have her on the road and legal, though i've had her for about 6-8 weeks.

click for full size :)

i got her for £350 with slight front end damage (new bonnet, headlight, grill insert, and bumper support needed) no mot and 4 months tax. i bought all the repair bits which only cost £160 all in, threw them on and put it in for an mot, and to my delight it only failed on an o/s/f sicky caliper :cool2: a quick clean out of the offending calipers piston rubber seal and one free re-test later and i now have a 51 plate 1.5E with a years test for less than £600!, cant be bad eh? i have plans for her but i thought i'd throw up this post and pics just as a reminder of where it all started :D


...cough :lol:

yeah harry why not buy mine for £400 for all the parts for yours coilovers, skirts, rims, 4inch exaust, HID lights, and a KN filter plus swap the spot lights aswell still worth it for all that nd will look, feel and sound the bomb ;) oh and colour coded mirrors aswell ;)
wolverine as i already said in your thread if you were closer bud i'd be all over it like a rash as it's a bargain, but with no mot and tax transporting it back to aberdeen wouldn't be possible, unless you know some way of getting it up here for reasonable costs? about £100-150?

as i already have rims, fogs, rear wiper, all i need are the coilovers, exhaust, spoiler and skirts, but i'd be willing to break it if i could get it here in aberdeen for £500-550, heck even £600. let me look into transportation costs, and anyone chime in if they have any suggestions.
Aye well my uncle was using dealer plates for my mera for awhile to get it from A-B when he was sorting my engine out lol never got stopped etc lol
yeah dealer plates are a godsend, but it's not so easy to get them nowadays, you need a trade insurance policy, proof of premises to store vehicles, headed note paper, bills in business name, registered business details, then the dvla come and check your premises etc. it's no where near as easy to get them as it used to be years back :(. Anyway i've got a quote from a car transporter company of £150 to take the mera from newcastle to aberdeen so as soon as i get the money to you i'll get them on to getting it to me :)
while i've been waiting for the f*&%^&g car transporters to take the other 1.5 i bought from wolverine and in between the gales and rain we've been having up here recently i've got a little bit done to my N16E project, no point in pics as we've all seen these mods done before so i'll just list them,

PH2 rear wiper & low profile front wipers
shortened alloy beesting antenna
heko wind deflectors

i've also fitted the new indicator switch assembly to add the switch for the front fogs but i've yet to fit the fogs, also these arrived yesterday :shades: excuse the piss poor photo as it was taken with my N97 inside my metal shed when it was quite dark :/

i'm just waiting for some final info and also one connector for the front lights and the swap will be done :)
tell me about it, and thanks for being so cool about the delay :shades:, but tomorrow first thing i'm calling them and telling them if they can't pick it up tomorrow or tuesday and have it to me by next weekend i'm going to call my bank and do a chargeback on their ass! then i'll book it in with someone else. Because they promised me they were coming up my way by the end of last week, well here we are on sunday and the car is still with you the lying f%^$£rs. Anyway one way or another it will be here by saturday this week :wall:
i've been working on the front caliper overhaul for the N16 and i've got them stripped cleaned and painted, next is to put them back together using the new parts from the re-furb kit, then to throw them onto the car. plus my second N16 will be here on friday (finally!!! lol) so i will be a busy lad soon :shades:

well i finally got my donor car up from wolverine so i thought i'd post up some pics, i'm sure most of you have seen it before as i believe i'm the fourth AOC member to own it, but anyway here it is,




from this car i will be taking the k-sport coilovers, the cobrasport cat back exhaust, maybe the mintex front discs and pads, the rear calipers and associated parts (as my 51 plate has drum rears and the w reg has discs) and the hid lights to put in my phase2 headlights. then i will either be selling it on, breaking it for bits or even using it for a runner for when my 51 plate mera goes off the road, (i've yet to decide one way or the other, depends on interest for the parts and if the gearbox in the 51plate lasts till the swap) oh and my 51 plate will be going off the road because of my other big news, which is that i've got a SR16VE NeoVVL with ancilliaries, gearbox and ecu coming to drop into it :shades:

so sometime in the next 6 months or so i will have what i believe to be the first UK SR16 VVL'd N16 :VVL::clap:/vvl/
oh and my 51 plate will be going off the road because of my other big news, which is that i've got a SR16VE NeoVVL with ancilliaries, gearbox and ecu coming to drop into it :shades:

so sometime in the next 6 months or so i will have what i believe to be the first UK SR16 VVL'd N16 :VVL::clap:/vvl/

Sounds like a plan...

Good luck with it mush.
well i got a little bit of cosmetic work done over the weekend, i've made seven mods to the 51 plate mera since i got it, i've mentioned doing three of them in the thread already and whoever can list all seven first by looking at the pics gets a gold star :D. sorry for the crappy pics but as the light was dropping i had to lower the shutter speed and i didn't have a tripod with me, i'll put up better ones tomorrow ;)

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