N16 SR20DET conversion

A couple of pics of my N16 soon to have a pulsar engine. :D
She's nearly done, Does anyone know if the SR20DET has been put into an N16 before?
By the way, it's not me in the bumper pic! :cool:


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Nice one should be well sweet once done. Yeah dont know what happened to the other one it all got kept quiet after they had an idea who stole it.
The owner must've been devastated. Well, I'm keeping her quite secure, but maybe I'll install a dog in the front seat, just in case.
has been done before, only once as far as i'm aware

are you able to PM me or stick prices on here for how much the engine cost and also how much it cost for fitting (also a place where they fitted would be handy)

Also the parts used i.e gearbox etc
Most bits are being custom made or bought. Everything has to be uprated, 1.5 shopping cart to 2.0 turbo tyre shredder is no small job. I'll post more details when I can.
Went to see my Almulsar?? this morning. Things coming together nicely.
Had the seats trimmed in blue to match the fronts. (They're a bit bright, :eek: but i'll get used to it!
Currently finding places to put all the gadgets, i'm devastated to loose my cup holder! :(
All the prep work done, hopefully it'll be done just in time to burn my front tyres out/loose my licence by christmas. :doh!:

Slight problem with the gearbox tho...
I was looking for a 6 speed 'box but couldn't find one (except for a Silvia, but they're RWD) so I got a 5. Problem being, it's a cable clutch and my car's hydraulic. Anyone know of a FWD 'box for the SR20DE/T with hydraulic clutch? perhaps later N15 GTi's? (N16's dont have SR20)
I can convert the box i have to hydraulic, but if I don't need to, I won't. (I really don't need any more work!)

Any help from you guys is appreciated! :thumb:

Cheers, Rob.


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the drivers seat bottom is angled up a bit crazy aint it!! Or is it just the picture angle?

Looks ace, bet it shifts like fcuk. I like how you have stashed guages and stuff in the coin thing and below the ashtray


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Any N15 GTi or Primera GT box will do. A primera P11 144 box will fit with some modifying and are a stronger design ( + ? longer gear ratio`s ). If Mark from the NPOC reads this he`ll confirm it.
looking good

one piece of advice though, lose the lexus lights, leave them for a lexus, IMO they dont suit the N16 at all, in fact they dont suit any non lexus car at all
Yeah, not really convinced about the lexus lights myself. Bought them on impulse. They make the car look a bit 'halfords' but I'll see how it looks when all the other stuff is done.
cheers Rowdy, I'll keep my eyes open.

shane llewellyn


lights look ace dont listen to them, i got same on my mera :D
wat engine could i fit into my mera 5 door without to much messing about,im thinking along the lines of a nissan primera 2.0 16v lump wat do ya guys think???? :confused:


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I`d get rid of any lights that look `ace`.

Try fitting a twin turbo skyline engine just for a laugh!

shane llewellyn


i got to be honest ive been thinking bout it just to piss off my mate in a 2.5v6 chavelier :D
how much work would it involve an how much would it cost roughly???
the lights are not that bad but every1 has their own opinion.
:eek: :D
wow n16 with skyline engine mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


shakey said:
looking good

one piece of advice though, lose the lexus lights, leave them for a lexus, IMO they dont suit the N16 at all, in fact they dont suit any non lexus car at all

Mazda ;)
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