New member looking for advice on 1997 SRI

Hi all, thanks for having me!
I jhoined the forum on behalf of my Dad who is the owner of a 97 reg SRi 5 door . He's thinking of changing the car as he's now 80+ and struggles a bit to get in and out a bit so wants someting shorter and a bit taller!
The car is prertty well mint with only approx 70,000 n the clock. He bought it as an ex demo car from brand new.
I suppose my question is this - is it worth anything? Do people still want these as a collectors car or as something to customise. It seems such a shame to scrap the car when it might be of value to someone!

It all depends on how rusty it is really, they have a tendancy to rust inside the sills and rear arches which isnt noticable until its too late and if left its very time consuming/costly to repair.

Unfortunately they arent really collectable. A clean car with good MOT will probably go for somewhere between 500-800, potentially more if it really is rust free.

Hope this helps a little.
Cheers, It's been garraged virtually every night andIt appears to be 99% rust fee with a full MOT & new battery too :)
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