newbie needs help.

Hi guys
just bought a 2002 1.5 almera and it still has the factory fitter radio cassete player in it.
ot does have the controls on the steering wheel and says on it thats its a cd changer as well ?

question 1 was a cd changer fitter as standard ?
question 2 if so where was it fitted ? have checked under passenger seat, in the boot, under drivers seat still no luck. :(
question 3 if it was an optional extra whats the part number and where might i get one from ? whats the approx cost ?
question 4 do i need extra cables or will they have being fitted as part of the standard wiring loom ?

question 5 maybe wrong part of forum but someone might know how do i check if the recall warrenty work was carried out by nissan.
when checking dvla it appears there were a few recalls for this model such as passenger air bag , rear seat belt, and more importantly the cam chain sproket. i have phoned a dealer who refused to tell me if it had or had not being done as i didnt buy the car new from them. (bloody annoying) where else might i find this information out ??

many thanks in advance


02 REG
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