newish car

yeah im thinking about taking the decal off the side and putting viper strip on it instead

Viper Stripes are for hmmm Dodge Vipers! My mate has a 04 reg 1.4 and its rubbish you have rust on your boot! More rust than my GTi! Good luck with it mate!
someone reversed into the back of me in a car park and not had time to repare it have to take the window out to get the dent out.
Its a 1.8 with 120 bhp, Isn't that a bit poo, what torque does it push out?

Ive had 2 friends with the 1.4 zr's, headgasket had to be done on both at about 40-50K :O
wow wait till sneds aka paul see's this thread. he's just gone from a GTi to a ZR 52 plate and now back to a GTi. he had the ZR for a week onl,. the 1.4 105bhp version. there where no end of problems to it, seriously rough build quality. i don't wanna draw up a list but eek. mpg was no better than a GTi as you had to at least half throttle it to keep up on the highways, where as with the SR20 the lightest of gas is needed. yes he brought it back to the trader QuicK

oddly it'll do 40mph in 1st and 70mph in 2nd lol
If you're happy with the car it's all good news mate. Personally I've always thought they looked quite nice and are quite quick cars for what they are, especially the 160. I wouldn't have one, but it's personal taste.
we had one kid bring a 160 vvc in my work telling everyone its the fastest front wheel drive car in south yorkshire lol i thought wot is he on i might take him on slips lol
ohh yeha ill admit the build quality inside the car is rough deffinitly with the door panels keep hanging off and other bits inside the car. Everyone has there on decision i never had a gti so can compare to them. I ppersonally like the car compared to my almera the rust was setting in and the powers much better in the zr. I cant get cheap insureance on anything above what i have the now so its gonna do till the time comes for an upgrade.
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