Nismosteve's red GTi

Well, I listened to the advice of the wise members on here, and put the BPO gti out to pasture.
I've replaced it with Wraiths Noisy red gti!
I'm really happy with it and it drove the 290miles back home without fault, I must say Stuart is a top bloke and went above and beyond what's expected of a seller:) I couldn't have wished for more!

The car is great, I love it:)
Couple of rushed pics.

Current spec

JWT S3 262 degree camshafts.
Ignition timing advanced to 17.5 degrees.
K+N viper enclosed CAI / cutom hard-pipe.
SSAC 4-2-1 Stainless Manifold . Standard Cat, janspeed rear silencer.
XTD Lightened Flywheel.
ACT Uprated Clutch.
Nismo FPR.
Magnacore Leads.

Coming soon +T with many new parts.

Braded Brake Lines.
Stock Gti brakes
PI 40mm Lowering Springs.
White 15" replica Enkei alloys / yokahama prada / proxes combo

In the pipeline for chassis is, coilover kit and many poly bushes!
Also FTO front brake conversion coming soon.


Lucino Grille
Team Heko Wind Deflectors.
Chrome Almera sill trims
De-globed indicators.
Standard P2 bodykit.


Standard P2 cloth interior.
Kenwood Head Unit. (aux-in and USB socket mounted in dash button blanks).
Pioneer speakers, kenwood 4 channel amp to run speakers, 10" active sub
Colour-coded Nissan DIN blank.


Back home just near Grimsby docks.

Having only picked it up on Saturday we are still getting to know each other but I think we're going to get on great! Wraith has done a great job looking after it and its a really good base to start from:)

So a brief outline of what's to come.
I'd started to gather parts for a turbo conversion on my old gti, and that will continue with this one. I've still got quite a bit to get and I was hoping to have it ready for japfest2 in July, but It might be September for JAE now?

I'd like to fit some coilovers on and poly bush everything, and I picked up some FTO brakes at japfest.

Also as described in wraths for sale thread there are a few cosmetic bits to sort. I will be ggetting the car repainted at some point this year and making it look new again!
I'm not looking to build a fire spitting track car, but a super clean all rounder thatn can cope with everyday driving conditions but will still rinse much more expensive machinery!
Alright Steve..

met up with you whilst you were walking back with the brakes.

the cars been well looked after and has many owners on the AOC...

a very clean car for the money
Ah, hey! Didn't even realise it was you lol! It was very random for us to be in that spot at that time, and to recognise your old brakes too! I'd wandered over to the AOC stand earlier but it was like a ghost town lol!
Bad spot... No point in trying to show the cars...

It was a car park not a show stand!!!

Couldn't miss them lol... I started to paint them up to match my orange theme 3 Years ago...

Don't know if they ever got fitted to a car since..
the only reason I sold them was to fit the hi-spec kit on...
The brakes feel really good actually so I'm happy to rebuild these and get them all looking pretty:)
It feels really good to drive, nice and tight and really puts a smile on my face. A little twitchy on the back end on the limit but that could be down to just getting used to the car, seems quite responsive when steering with the throttle.
Much fun yesterday hence now posting while I'm at work lol!
I'm missing it already and I'll be away all week now:(


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Good buy. I like the look of the grille with the p2 GTi lights.
Its certainly a vast improvemnt on the last wreck you bought!
Still standard gti brakes at the minute, they're plenty good enough till I get the hubs powder coated and new bearings in:)

I've still not really touched the car apart from cleaning it, I've sorted the head unit cutting out at high volume as the ISO needed the earth swapping round. I've got some bits ready for the turbo conversion such as-

Boost controller
Boost gauge
Nismo FPR* already fitted
Standard gtir turbo elbow
GTiR stock turbocharger
GTiR intake pipe
Turbo oil feed line.
440cc injectors.
Injector plugs
Oil line T piece.
Turbo coolant banjo bolts / tails / washers
Turbo to elbow studs and nuts / gasket.

Stuff I've got on order

Stuff I still need to get

Stock GTIR downpipe to butcher up.
Walbro fuel pump
AFR wideband / gauge
Oil pressure gauge
Intercooler pipework

Essential custom stuff
3" turbo elbow
3" downpipe
3" sexy system

Other random stuff I'd like to get.
Oil cooler kit
Alloy radiator
P11 box and quaife diff
Good work, speak to GTIRUS for the R bits you need, Bob's a good bloke down there he's based in southend and does good prices on parts

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De-pin the earth from the iso connector and put a ring terminal on the end, then just bolt it to the chassis.
De-pin the earth from the iso connector and put a ring terminal on the end, then just bolt it to the chassis.

I made a t off my earth and brought it to ground. That way the original earth gets improved in case its serving another device.

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