Nissan Almera 2006 1.5 dci diagnostic equipment needed


As in the title, I need a gadget that could read and clear error codes for my Nissan Almera 2006 1.5 dci. The wiring isn't the best thing ever on this car and every now and then random things start flashing, especially with my talented wife at the wheel, who seems to find every bump and pothole.

Any recommendations? I am not looking for bottom tier junk, something decent.
I have no experience with Consult (and don't really have the intention to familiarise myself with it).

TorquePro has served me well for clearing codes, reading live data from sensors, logging sensor readings, etc. For the most part this is really all I need for the Almera.

If we're talking about other makes, however, then that's a different story (VW have VCDS, Volvo have VIDA/DICE). If you intend to look at different makes, there are the super pricy all in one scanners for various makes. My 2p: start simple.
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