Nissan Almera N16 1.5 dCi diesel K9K

Hi guys, I'm from France, my Nissan and I we did quite a bit of km but still together. It was a present of my father, and for a period of time she suffered extended parking because of some health issu that i had. But since 3 years I m well again and I methodically repair everything I can on it one after the other and do all maintenance as required . Lately we had to change her oil and filter, I also change the gear lever bellows ( is it the correct word for the leather around my gear lever?) and the knob , i would like to find an original one. I bought a inject extractor so I could renew misses seats and flooring . And finally i bought some brand new specially taillored carpets. On my list are know installing a bluetooth board inside the CD reader, and give a second try to paint the motor hood.

If someone needs help I did many other stuff like :
compressor change
blower motor and ampli reparation
changing the glow plugs
changing the drive belt ( the one for AC and battery not the timing belt the mechanic did it)
wheel studs
all filters
etc ...
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