Nissan Almera SE 2.2 dci

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My name is Lucy and I have an 04 SE 2.2 dci Almera. At the moment it’s on a SORN because it won’t pass a test - there is a grinding noise being made under the car but I’m not 100% sure what it is and the clutch is on its way out as well as a crack along my windscreen. I’ve found a 53 plate Pulse 2.2 for sale near me advertised at £695 but it’s really basic and I prefer my own. Would it be worth buying the pulse to do my own car up as long as it is mechanically sound? If anyone has any suggestions to what the sound is I’d really appreciate it! I suspect the gearbox. It doesn’t affect the vehicle driving but it makes an awful noise.

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I think it would be worth finding out what the issue is first, but having said that if you're able to get that that Pulse that seems a good price to get hold of the mechanical parts from it. Engine and gearbox alone can be more than £695. Then you can always sell on the parts you don't need.
Hello good Morning
I have some questions
have any material for sale of the Nissan Almera dci 2.2?
Do I have to replace the clutch, what do I have 190 hp 400 binary on?
Just one more question?
The FCD2 turbosmart was regulated to what pressure, and does it work well?

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