nissan almera tino 1.8 petrol fuel filter?

Hi newbie around here

I have just paid £742 to get my 2003 almera tino through its mot. I also had a problem with car juddering when changing gears and once car is going its fine. But no one can tell me what the problem is no codes available.
Changed mass air flow still the same bought a fuel filter but I have no idea where the fuel filter is located could someone please advice where my fuel filter is?? Pleaseeeeeeeeee

Tried net and still cannot find my answer


If it is similar to the N16 then the fuel filter is located in the fuel tank. Also, i would personally take my VIN down and your chassis code is V10
Rear engine mount.

Fuel filter is built in to the pump/sender unit.

Thanks for your reply but lol still lost

Oh ok just bought the filter tiny little thing it is I just thought it would attach to some pipe work in the engine?

Well ok sill question then where is the pump sender unit is it easy to get too or is this a garage job like I said in previous post spent over 700 quid on mot cars not even worth that so I'm trying to do this job myself is it easy to do ??




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Its in the fuel tank, its not a service item so unless you know its an issue I wouldn't touch it.

Liam is saying that a torn rear engine mount can lead to issues selecting gear as it causes the engine to drop

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