Ph1 rear lights into Ph2

Hi all,

I'm looking into getting a pair of ph1 rear lights for my ph2 Almera, but I was wondering if they used the same connectors? Are the lights more or less the same internally, just with visual changes? I think they look a lot better and almost symmetrical (although I'm assuming its still a rear fog on one side and reverse on the other?) compared to the ph2 lights.

Apologies if this has been answered before but I can't seem to find it. I've seen a couple of posts showing it has been done, but not specifically that they're plug and play.

Not sure if you found an answer to this but I’ve just done mine. There doesn’t seem to be an amber glass on the phase 1 which means possibly purchasing an amber bulb. However the only real change is that the ph1 needs an extra hole drilled in to take the extra thread on the light cluster, so you can either snap it off, or drill a hole so you can mount all five nuts. I just snapped it off and filled the hole where it came off.
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