Pimp my ride eat your heart out

Take one ford escort like this one


Remove the doors, boot, chainsaw the roof and the rear off. Remove the drivers and passenger foot wells. Weld a make shift frame, weld the rear axel to it, take tracks from a JCB

And you have this





Weld the seats, add an extra break servo for the steering wire up the radio and speaker


One custom paint job


And last but not least the last touch


Sadly we came second because our sister unit cheated but least we came second in style with music lol.


2 break servos wried up, one to the front and rear right wheels and one to the left front and right wheels. With 2 tillers pull one and it stop one side of the tracks and the other side pushed it round. Sadly it wasn't perfect needed speed to swing it round left or right as the drive couldnt be completely stopped, but it made it to 65 mph, compitition limits was 10 mph lol
It took 3 weeks, working 8 till 4:30

Sadly most of the time was taking up replacing the gear box as it was knackered. And a week sorting out the steering. Due to this we couldnt finish the air cannon in time so we ended up borrowing one from one of our other sister units, whos scrapeheap challenge collapsed around them.

Shame i cant find pictures from the event, theres a mint one of me straped to the bonnet to give extra weght to the front wheels to help the drive move the tracks. She was mint on flat ground and off road, but up hill the weight shifted from the front to the rear and the wheels couldnt grip. Ended up ripping of the mesh we welded to the rims to help the tracks purchase on the rims.
basically we were doing our own version of a scrape heap challenge that was on a while ago, to pratice salvaging skills and the ability to make something that is almost unless work. We were lucky that a scrap dealer let us have the car for free and the 2nd break servo. 2 be fair there wasnt much wrong with the car mechanically speaking apart from the gearbox and the break lines that needs to be completly replaced, had to make a new fuel tank with a max of 5 litres. We were the only unit to use a car, one unit couldnt be bothered to make one, another used one of those drive lawn mowers with a chassis welded to it, like i said it fell apart around them. They put tracks around the wheels but to much slack and the tracks just rubbed off the rubber from the wheels then the fly mower engine died. And last but not least our other unit had a hydraulic one, which i was impressed with it was extermly slow but they won

The air cannon we borrowed was mint, had a kick to it thats for sure. Think we sent one about 300 metres
Im just glad he wasnt doing 65 mph while i was lying across the bonnet hanging on the the side posts next to the driver and passenger.

Ill keep looking for the pic where he slammed on the breaks and i lost my grip and went flying over the breast of a hill.

Funny thinking about it now but i was mega pissed off at the time lol
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