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OK, i have a panasonic head unit with cd changer control but no cd changer, what i would like to do is connect my mp3 player to the cd changer phono connection on the back but the cd changer mode is disabled becuase it can not detect a changer.
There is a 13 pin control cable for the changer, is there any way i can fool the radio into thinking there is a changer connected and therefor use the phono leads??

Thanks for any help you can give! :) :confused:
if you can get a hold of the wiring schematics then yes, it can be done, but! in order for the HU to switch over to the now MP3 player, youll have to figure out what controls that within those wires. theres gotta be an easier way to connect it than butchering the cable.


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maybes one thing you could try is.........get a piece of wire(bared at both ends) and try earthing each pin while keep checking if you can get the head unit to see a changer, it might be that the headunit sends out a power to the changer, which then earths after going through the changer, and then the headunit 'sees' a changer, worht a try anyway, cant see it breaking anything
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