Reanimating a 2006 Almera 1.5 dci

I just bought a 2006 1.5 dci Almera. Now, this car has a bit of history, so bear with me while I explain.

The car got put in a garage in 2014 and hasn't been moved since, because of some real life issues of the previous owner. Finally, the old guy agreed to sell it to me and I picked it up for spare change. I even got the champagne bottle he received when he bought the car in 2006 :)

The original battery was almost dead (wouldn't charge anymore), so it was replaced and to my surprise, the car started at the first try. I was impressed, since I expected a long process of purging fuel lines and whatever randomness time might have added. The brakes weren't seized, everything felt and sounded ok. I ran it just for a few minutes, since the oil is ancient in it, so a full fluid replacement is needed and will be done as soon as I get my temporary number plates, so I can move it to a service.

What I am sure of:
1. Engine runs and starts smoothly, no smoke. The exhaust is a bit stinkier than normal, but I guess running on 5 year old diesel fuel will do that.
2. Bodywork looks ok.
3. Interior clean.
4. Mileage: 35k km. Yes, I am sure it is the real value, that is why I bought it off the old guy in the first place.
5. Had a minor scrape of the front bumper, paint scratched.

What I need to know and please don't laugh at the noobie (never had a Nissan before):
1. How can I identify the version of my Almera? If I understood correctly, there are multiple trim versions.
2. After changing the battery, two lights showed up on the dash: check engine and the passanger airbag indicator (if I interpreted them correctly). But with the old battery (that still had current, but not enough to start the car) they didn't show up. So the battery change must have tripped something? Or just the sensors need a reset after such a long hibernation?
3. The tires obviously need replacing. Any recommendations on all weather tires?
4. What do I have to look out for? Elders of the tribe, share your wisdom please.

There are probably a metric ton of things I didn't even think about asking, so don't hold back - help me get my Almera back on the road as soon as possible :)


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