rear bumper

as most of you know i have a ph2 GTi and the rear bumper just doesnt do it for me, it makes the car look like it has a fat arse.

my question is can i remove the lower spoiler on the bumper so it doesnt sit as low or is it part of the bumper? if i cant remove it then a standard rear bumper might be on the cards with some VZ-R spats (tommo yours is mint)
ah right, cheers me dears. sort of like removing the side mouldings? nothing a hairdryer and some t-cut couldnt take car of eh :)
I could do you a swap for mine maybe? I prefer the Phase 2 rear splitter, I had one on my old Gti with the Autech sideskirts and it looked ok. Not sure if the JDM silver is the same as the UK one though? Also my rear has a scratch at the very bottom so give us a shout and let me know if your still interested.
Be intersted to see how this looks sunnysrule (what the funks your real name?) as i'm not sure spats will go well with phase 2 skirts. If it turns out ok, might get me some.
yeh thats what i was thinking when i looked properly. i was actually looking at it today thinking will it look better once its lowered but i just dont know :lol:

real name...well nick name is wezz btw ;) my username on other forums is "gtirwezz" apart from on the modimongs where im "sunnysrule" as well
took the rear splitter off a minuite ago and it looks fooking stupid, really need some VZR spats now...

o dog i tired pm'ing you but your inbox is full, i need some VZR jobbies chaps, anyone know where from? i wonder how much they would be from the dealer hmmmmmmm.
Was thinking about this yesterday the Autech spats are basically mudflap guards not the spats like the Vzr's. Don't think they'd suit a Gti?
Hi Wez I can't put up any pics at the moment cos my Nokia data cable's gone missing. Here's the rear on one that I found on Trademe NZ.
ah right yeh mudguards, they look nice but i prefer the VZR splitters really. out of interest iv had my mate at the local dealer get me a price on some, plus i get the VAT payed for in discount :D
yeh they probably will be, im going down to get an oil filter and oil ready for the RR day on sunday so he will have the price for me, in the meantime...O DAAAAAAAAAAWG?? :D
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