Ross Autech

nice one mate! epic result IMO.

I'll be buying a wideband set quite soon, if I get it soon enough your welcome to borrow it to do your tuning :)

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Got to be Crail Stu. I might be back at Shakeys or Pod before the season is out. Looks like we've all caught the Nos bug :lol:

Sorry lol....
Once you pop, you just can't stop
I'll be possibly doing one more pod or Shakeys this month.
Will decide soon.

A trip to Shakeys Ross?
Very well done mate. Gives me a lot more confidence in the Nistune system. Although home tinkering with maps is obviously not ideal. Does the board come with a base map already loaded for the ECU/engine? Is it a matter of adjusting a generic one to suit our needs or is it literally a case of having to generate your own from scratch?


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You provide nistune with your ecu part number and they put the stock map on it, you can then tweak away or take it somewhere.

It is a very good system.

the board comes loaded with the OEM map for the ECU it is fitted to (when you order, you need to give nistune your ECU part number.)

to map the car, you then adjust this OEM map over the rev and load range. its as simple as pressing + or - on the keyboard to increase or decrease the fuelling at a specific point. same for timing.

you have immediate control over :

Fuel map
Knock Fuel map
timing map
knock timing map
Fuel Load / RPM scaling
timing Load / RPM scaling
Theoretical pulse width (injectors)
MAF translation
temperature hysterisis
cold enrichment
warm enrichment
cranking enrichment
cranking timing
TPS closed timing
acceleration increase fuelling
rev limit (up to 12500RPM)
speed limit
temperature limit
O2 cut
idle speed (warm and cold)
you can resize injectors
change MAF in seconds
switch flags on and off (O2, EGR etc)

and its all very simple. im gradually learning what all the functions do. but i still need to learn how translate the scales into movements on the car.
put the 1.6 crank and rods and then 12k :)

wouldnt make it... it would throw a rocker at about 8k. 9 at the very max.

put a DE in, rev it anywhere near 12k and you will most probably die. you would either catch a rod. blow up the clutch plate. coil bind or valve float, throw a rocker. or just generally explode things. wouldnt like to get in the way of an SR20 rod when the bolts snap. even the bearing cap on the rod would have a shit load of momentum at that speed.
That's an excellent system for the price then. Compared to a standalone system (cost-wise) it seems to be a genuinly viable option for anything bar a full race setup.
I know its just repeating what everyone else has said but its good to see you've got it working again.
well done ross. Liking this nistune even more. So how you got this connected to the pc just using a consolt lead or something.
so yeah. new wheels



UK GTi alloys :


Autech alloys :


saving of 1.1kg per wheel, off unsprung rotational mass.
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i hate to be one of those 'it needs this' sorta of cnuts but.....

rear spacers please for the love of jesus. n15 rear offset fail :tongue:

other than that, delicioso
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