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anyway as i say. cosmetics wont be changing (except maybe some clear bulges after winter) until the engine is done.

its actually really rather smoky now... only really on over-run, so i reckon is just stem seals but i am in the process of gather bits and tings to build a new motor. more info as parts come in.

Would you be selling this engine bud?

How did you even come to think it was worth asking??!


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he did say 'build a new motor' .... not rebuild this one :tongue:


Oh hush. I knew what he meant :lol:
I know what you mean, I prefer the N1 spoiler as it's a bit lower. I keep mine mainly as it's part of what makes it special.

what makes your car special is when the "special" owner is driving it

will look good with a GTi job on it gadge (is it true that a gadge in scotland is a pikey?)

edit: just looked on urban dictionary, its a chav in scotland isnt it :lol:
just home now. been an interesting day.

the plan today was to tidy up the fuel and timing map to make the car perform as it should, since i changed the MAF calibration and the cam timing.

First snag we hit (literally) was my exhaust got stuck while reversing onto the dyno lol...

First order of business was to set the timing at the CAS. set to 15 and it smoothed out the running of the car, and stopped it from burping fire.

The next 2.5 hours were spent carrying out around 40 pulls on the dyno.

Basically, the current map is lean as fuck on idle. then rich as fuck up to around 2500. then lean as fuck all the way to about 5500. Then perfect 13:1 all the way to the redline.

We made attempts to change the fuelling across the map, however, the curse of steve sadler struck us down. we suspect the map is calibrated incorrectly, either by my MAF recalibration, or just not done in the first place. we set a target AFR of 8:1 and it made no difference to the dyno chart, changes at specific points on the map affected others areas on the physical dyno readout.

The beautiful part which i love? the car is only mapped to 6800rpm. (stock limiter 7500)

Now. the adjustment of the cams.

Beforehand, the power peaked at 7250.

The power now peaks around 6500-6750, and HOLDS till the redline at 7500.

Today was effectively a learning experience. More reading is needed and a second attempt at mapping, this will be next saturday. so I need to figure out.

Simply changing the CAS timing has drastically improved the driving of the car. So im not dishearted. And it handled the savage continuous dyno session perfectly.
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