Need a service doing now, bin 10k since last 1 and that was only an oil change and air filter.

want spark plugs, any preferences?? always used NGK with nissans.

Oil- preferences?? castrol fan meself.

oil filter will be nissan only.

worth doin the brake fluid??

had all belts replaced bout 8k ago.

current milage is around 49k on 2000 sport.

aint got time to do it meself so need to find a garage that will do the work with my parts, hate trustin mechanics!!

feel like im forgettin sumit but duno what at the min.
Use NGK plugs, if i could remember the Nissan part number I would say but i cant. lol

Oil - any 10w40 will do, semi-synthetic would be best, use castrol if you want, doesnt really matter.

Oil filter - 15208-9F600
Air filter - 16546 - 3J400
POLLEN - 278791 - BM401KE
SUMP PLUG - 11128 - 01M05
WASHER - 11026 - 01M02

As for changing the brake fluid you can if you want as through time it breaks down and becomes water. having said this I have never changed mine.

Have your brakes stripped and cleaned. Nissan calipers are rubbish, and your rear ones especially will benefit from it with all the salt that is on the roads at the moment. The pads, if neglected stick in the slides, then eventually the calipers seize.

Hope this helps

Stu :)
Not joking about the calipers - about the only thing I have had problems with on both my N16s, especially the rears.
cheers guys,

the sparks page was for the 1.5 but i got the idea anyway.

i know about the calipers from when i 1st joined on here just after i got the car, i cleaned them not so long ago, they were bad the 1st time i did them, not too bad the 2nd time. will wait till the weather improves before doing them again.

i got the oil filter when i went past a dealership the other day, tiny compared to others ive done! one on my NX way twice the size. they always give me the sump nut free when i go there. (becoming a regular!)

pollen filter i aint done yet, rellay probs shud of by now :S
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