After a lot of waiting and discussing... he finally settled on a nice GTi...

its in good condition 3/4 of a full bodykit, limited amount of rust, and a pretty low mileage engine 84K if i can remember correctly...

Got it in a private sale via Rich12885 links.. very pleased... thanks mate :D

so far we have done a little work on it... nothing tooo major yet..

as said it came with sideskirts and a rear bumper... but no front... at the moment it has a black non GTi bumper on... soon to change... on the hunt as we speak..

i also fitted on his new st/st catback and back box i bought off of CoV months ago lol... finally got it fitted... sounds great :D

also redone the wiring on on the stereo... who ever put it in need to be shot...

i also fitted in a new sub so hes bouncing down the road as both rear shocks are fucked!

But luckily i have just purchased some new BC coilovers so he will soon be running on KYB's and apex springs..

engine wise, so far all ive had time to do is give it a wipe over and fit a new piper cross carbon enclosed air filter..(pics up after bay cleaning)

spent a couple of hours today giving it a good clean and plenty of new fresh red wax... itc come up pretty well...

sorry for the shitty pics.. i forgot to pick up my camera... pics taken on my phone..

so here she is :D










and here is a quick one of mine :D



i wanna see new pics not working tho mate.
and prob me bodgin that stereo lol.

realy sorry.. just sorting out my photo bucket account... il sort them out asap!

the stereo wiring was terrible... exposed wires, not secured.. just taped... :(

the only reason i checked behind there was that mike blew a 10A fuse... hear a sparking noise, then lost dash lights, rear lights and side lights...

luckily i had the Haynes manual :D found out that the cable that sparked out was a red/ green cable... this cable was these parts earth line... 12V through an earth line is never good :)

so whilst i was there i re done all the cabling and fitted a sub and wiring in...

all good now.. hes happy to have his stereo back :D and deep bass... not just from the music but his exhaust as well :D

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