spotted in horwich



i know of two other mera gtis in horwich one black p1 with full bodykit and another just like mine in alaska blue also p1 without bodykit i know the blackones owner an hes a member but dont know his login name and not sure about the other one
have u seen me about m8 i liv in bolton, got a green si with bk racing alloys on?
ahhhh you should turn have a treck up horwich one sunday night and ave a chat we go out racing and playing sunday nights pm me if you want details
tis i with the black phase 1 GTi. is the si de-badged with a phase 2 gti rear splitter on it, coz if it is then i was behind you on wednesday on chorley new road. luks gud n e way. u should get urselves down 2 the horwich meet, wud be gud 2 swamp the cruze with mera's.
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