Spykes Jerky BP0


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Before we start, it doesn't need a Lucino Grill or any different Grill for that matter. I don't want to lower it any further and the lights are fine as they are.... It's my car and I like it as it is.

Ok, suppose I should have put this thread up a long time ago... but oh well.

Won it for £200 on the Bay, it looked like this when I got it:

I stripped it down and started de-rusting + painting stuff:

Found these holes, so had them welded:

Undersealed everything + Tommo's old suspension, all new brakes and braided hoses:

Sprayed the wheels steel Grey:

Fitted a Laguna Splitter:

Tidied and painted up engine bay:



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Almost Finished:

The finished product:


Cheapo Air filter
Aircon removed
Carbon canister removed
Resonator box removed
In-wing airbox removed
Engine + gearbox painted silver
Rocker cover painted Peugeot Steel Grey
Inlet Painted silver
Repainted Standard GTi Strut Brace
Brand new Standard clutch with Tommos uprated pressure plate
Powerflow catback exhaust with 3" Slashcut tip
Standard header + cat
Bay majorly cleaned + some of it de-rusted and repainted


Braided hoses
Grooved front discs
Standard rear discs
Mintex pads all round
Calipers painted red

Wheels + Tyres

Standard GTi Wheels painted Peugeot Steel Grey
Toyo T1R's on the front
Shitters on the back


KYB Gas shocks all round
-40mm springs on the front (from Tommos Si)
-40mm springs on the back (from Tommos GTi)


Standard GTi front seats and door cards
Black Nismo Gear Knob
Rear seats removed
Rear Seatbelts removed
Rear pretty much completley stripped out
Repainted Standard GTi Rear Strut Brace
Battery relocated to boot
Washer bottle relocated to boot
Sony Head Unit + Standard front door speakers
R2D2's Knob


Tommos pimp indicator Vent
Team Heko Wind Deflectors
Standard P1 GTi Grill
Standard P1 GTi Skirts and Rear Lip
Laguna Front Splitter
Bonnet Slightly Lifted at the rear
Front fog lights + brackets removed
Rear wiper removed

i like that alot, my favourite colour and good to see someone getting welding done instead of scrapping them! looks tidy
Really like this build. I dont imagine it cost a lot to buy or mod, and looks amazing! Shows, with a bit of tlc and some paint, the standard looking gtis can look great


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It worked out that after MOT and TAX it cost around £850 including buying the car too.

Thanks for the comments
Nice Spyke, I like the look of it with that colour on the wheels. Now I know what colour to spray mine :thumb:

Good to see another Alaska blue ph1 too



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It came on Raceworx's P2 GTi, I had it off him when he got Phil to swap it to the 3 inch system. It sounds good but did need alot of work from Phil to get it fitted properly. It did have a titanium tip on it which was rattling so got Phil to cut it off and put a Stainless one back on.
glad you decided to post it dude, getting the credit it deserves.

ill tell you first hand this thing moves and sounds as good as it looks; savage.


Horse Whisperer
glad you decided to post it dude, getting the credit it deserves.

ill tell you first hand this thing moves and sounds as good as it looks; savage.

Cheers matey. Thanks for all your help with the parts and restoration, wouldn't be what it is without Texas Pete's soul.... ;)


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Thanks for all the comments. Yeah will probably pop along with tommo to the rolling road day.
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