Steering Wheel Buttons (Help!)

Hello everyone,
I've signed up just to ask this really. I don't own an Almera but I own a K11 Micra, the younger sister.
I've been sticking on Almera bits here and there (as you probably know they're mostly interchangeable with loads of Nissans of that age) but I have a problem.
I put an Almera steering wheel on a while back (it's all here: Oh. Can't link. It's my first post. Well, search for "Ryan's Micra Blog" on the Micra Sports Club. ).
Problem is that I don't have a cable for the radio controls. The radio I have is a Sony DSX-40UI, which can use steering wheel controls with a 3.5mm rear jack.
For the last few weeks... or has it been months now..? I have been periodically researching as much as I can to find this apparently-non-exsisting lead. (Really wishing I asked the scrap company to post the wires too)
As a final attempt, I've signed up here to ask you enthusiasts.
The plug is at the bottom of the wheel, it's a little white female connector. Please help, as I'd love to use those controls. And this research is making me insane.
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