Taking on the "Legends Challenge" with the Rangers Charity Foundation

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Hello Everyone,

I'm taking part in the Legends Challenge by running 114km in the month of September to raise money for Rangers Charity Foundation and I'd really appreciate your support.

The number 114 isn't entirely random as it's the number of appearances Paul Gascoigne made for the club, so he's the legend i've chosen to go with.

If anyone can spare a couple of quid (or a couple of dollars, dependent on where you are) then it would be greatly appreciated.

Donating to my JustGiving page is easy - just follow this link and click Donate:


JustGiving sends your donation straight to Rangers Charity Foundation so it’s a quick and safe way to donate.

Thank you,

One final bump for this as I have one day remaining to complete this challenge. I’m 15.5km shy of the required distance so any last minute donations to the Rangers Charity Foundation would be well-received and appreciated.

It has really put a rocket up my backside in the last week knowing that a bunch of people have put their hands in their skyrocket to donate and sponsor me.

My plan is to finish with a long run tomorrow after work.
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