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    IMG_1799.JPG Hello
    I wonder if anyone can perhaps help with this please.
    I've got allot of movement on the left side driveshaft to diff bearing, the cv joint is actually fine as is the taper bearing in the gearbox output but the cv shaft to gearbox bearing surface (outlined in red) has some free play.
    I dont know if this is a common problem?

    So I'm looking for a part number or link / where I can get a new cv joint for a Tino 2.2 DI 2002
    I've been trailing the internet and called all the usual suppliers Europarts etc and tried Nissan but with no luck, it seems that inner cv joints for the diesel tino are hard if not impossible to get?
    I'm told that the inner joint may be the same on a QASHQAI ? but cant find any exact sizes

    The one I need has a 40mm seal 27splines on the diff side, and 28.9mm bearing surface

    If anyone has any ideas I'd be grateful

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