To upgrade or not to upgrade....

When my insurance renewal is due in February I'll finally have a year's no claims.

My insurance is currently £1166 for a 1.5 N16.

In Feb I expect that to go to about £700.

I think I could sell my car for at least £3000 - probably more if I replace the rear light.

Saw this:

Now my dilemma is this - cost of swapping my car for it is negligible but my insurance would be back to £1140.

Opinions? :D

I am growing to be quite attached to my current car (it's my first car pretty much) - but the derv power is appealing :lol:
Think about it mate, if you can get past the cost of the car without it setting you back then your insurance will stay the same for another year but then your going to be saving money on running costs and you have abit more power to play with! I cant see why you wouldn't do it.

Or you could use the money you'll gain from selling this, buy a GTi for £800, saving a large amount, and use the extra money to insure it.

I know it's not economical as the insurance money is gone forever and your car will hold value, but just an option I thought I'd throw out there.
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