Thats just a standard GTi you gotta remember, most of us are far from resembling standard now.

If, reliablity/cost to maintain was considered. Tables would of been turned on its head lol
Top Gear are mostly Nissan haters. I can`t help but agree with some of the statements, and the fact is Nissan could have made it much better as standard. I`d still much rather have it than any of those cars.
Think standard the only hot hatches I'd have over a GTi is an an Audi S3 or GTI-6, but seeing as the Audi's are about 4 times the price and the Pug is hopelessly underpowered for what it claims to have...the GTi is certainly the best value for money hot hatch out there.

I'd have one again in a flash if I wasn't boosting like a mofo becoming bankrupt :D

That said, if they ever did a SR20 in an N16, this -could- have been the best hot hatch ever made IMO. N15's a pretty hopeless handler in comparison to the N16 with the same mods.
I will be, I definately will be. One day. I miss being able to drive like an absolute hooligan and not give a flying fuck about what should happen.
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