turbo man

hiya peeps my name is carl ive just joined ur site as i have brought the almera turbo from swindon just thought id say hello good site keep up the good work boys. :lol:
Love the colour if it's that one. What are the wheels on that isK?
yeah thats the 1 and yeah they r lenso rs5 wheeles thanks for the welcome guys im looking for some lowering springs or coilovers if any1 can help thanks
If you get some springs, make sure they're for a phase 1- there's a little bit of a difference between phase 1 and phase 2 springs ;)
thanks bud i dont really know anything about almeras i used to be a vauxhall man(yea yea i know but ive seen the light now jap all the way) so do i have a p1 then can some1 help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks mate that has helped as i plan to change front bumper,bonnet and put a grill in there aswell and slam it down also can you tell me wot engine code mine is its a 1.6 16valve as im looking for a set of low compression pistons if any1 can help thanks
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