Ukranian Almera

Hello i'am from Ukraine...this is my Almera GX swap to sr20de
with banded steels wheels....colour - takata green) from VW golf 2...r15 6j et 35 to r15 8j



that looks really well with the g60's

subtle mods are the way forward. loving the front bumper too

how did you find the almera owners club?

was a picture of my car posted on another forum that you are a member of? if so, it isnt the first time that my car has brought members to the AOC
I am a long ago registered on your forum!!! did wheels 2 months back!
by chance called on a forum and saw the same for you!)))))
I thought someone had changes Edk's thread title haha that does look really good actually lol if it had boost it would be a really great sleeper lol

Ha, were you slightly inspired by it by any chance?

I haven't seen it before tbh but I had this sort of look in mind when started doing it up. I sooo need to get mine slammed!

I love Edik's Almera. It's so... urban! Don't ask me why :D
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