Very Strange Secure Message Issue

Hi All,

I have has the old Green Secure Message on my dash and no radio since I owned the car (Which is over a yea now). I was planning to send it into Nissan for reset but as its the wife's car I always forget about it.

Anyway on her way home from work today, her fuel light came on then she noticed it gave a fuel warning on the center screen and then as if by magic the Radio started working. Now the car is due into our mechanic tomorrow as the back box and middle section of exhaust have come apart and the middle section is now supported by the rear axle and bounces around on it when you drive. These vibrations and knocks, may be something to do with it now working.

Well we started the car 4 more times and it was working but now its stopped again, however the secure light now takes a good 3-4 minutes before it come on, but in that time nothing from the radio.

Its got to be a loose wire, or dodgy earth somewhere. I checked back of Unit itself

Where are the best places to check?
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