VZR N1 project

1997 pulsar vzr n1 bog standard arriving in ireland,

so far iv added.

Cusco 4 point front lower brace
Carbing rear strut tower brace
Maxim sports 4-2-1 manifold rewelded and slightly ported
5zeigen de-cat
5ziegen miracle fireball exhaust
Nismo short shifter
Twin pot brake calipers
EBC red stuff pads
280mm drilled and grooved discs
Goodridge carbon style braided brake lines
Modified standard airbox
HKS drop in panel filter
+5mm rear wheel spacers
Front fog lights
Lucino rear lights
All brand new exhaust gaskets

heres the noise
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6g_KUcH2uQ8"]YouTube - Pulsar VZ-R N1 vvl switch[/ame]







will have better quality pics asap :O

needs a serious polishing as it is and i have a mint set of standard gti rims on it now, the rustyish ones gonna get sprayed and track tyres:)
Fooking lovely ride damo :thumb:. Still dont understand why you want rid of those skirts though!
Funny though that even standard rear spats dont fit properly!

Are you kidding damien? All you need is an N1 front lip, then it'll be both mint and complete body-wise.
You know which one I mean! The stickie outie thing! Like a proper lip.

Thing is, to me P2 skirts/splitters dont work with anything except other P2 bits or the non-gti splitter. They're too flat, whereas P1 skirts, VZR skirts, even Joy tuning ones have the curvy bit that blends with the sticking out-ness of the nismo lip, P1 GTi front splitter, P1 rear splitter, or VZR skirts.
no such thing as a n1 specific lip. im after a nismo lip when funds allow.

Looks clean man, love the mods, were the brakes hard to or were they straight fit??

I should have the Nismo lip back in stock at the end of month!! I have 1 here if you want it......

I cant open link from pm?!!
So this has not been updated in a while. I have now added a set of phase 2 gti skirts, got a remapped ecu (best mod yet) a carbon suteki vent ,and a 2.0 crank and rods waiting for next winter plan on enjoying the car for the summer and set teh fastest 1/4 time for 1.6 and under cars in this club. POC is gonna sort me with a nismo lip and im getting me some coilovers. Need to give the car a epic cleaning and fix a little surface rust before its a problem. And i also have to get a rail for this


ill have some new pictures next week.
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