Where to start with airbag warning?

I've just had the black N16 fail her MOT due to the SRS warning light being on constantly and was hoping for pointers on where to start.

I know there's a common fault on the seat connectors and that I might need to check the glove-box, however I have read that the light being on constantly (rather than blinking) means that it's the controller/computer that's frazzled.

I'm about to go and look at the bits I can look at AND try the reset procedure again, in case I got the timings wrong.

Is there anything else I should do or will it be a £100 trip to the main dealer?


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Can't think of anything else you could try. Yup do the reset, and check seat connections. Apart from that I'm unsure. Normally it blinks so yes maybe on all the time means something more sinister. Check the FSM as it will tell you want all that means.
SOmeone had sabotaged me, by removing the fuse,

WHen swapping in a spare and going through the reset procedure, the light has now disappeared!

Whoop whoop.

playing with the brakes now, hoping to have V's 4pots on there in the next few hours!
Hi folks I have just signed up to the forum for more info I have got the same problem with the airbag light, checked all connections under the seat, where is the fuse located that (Wodgey) checked, I have checked the fuse box under the bonnet the front right didn't know if there was something I was missing like fuses else whereas I'm new to car and much other advice would be appreciated, where do I find the FSM
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