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Best Grille For This Car?

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Righty-ho. Not been around for a while because work has been a bit mental and I've not been doing anything interesting with the car. Spent last weekend removing the rust that was all over the tailgate and all four arches. Was going to be impossible to get a decent DIY paint job done on the metallic blue so just did the best I could figuring anything was better than rust. It turned out about as well as could be expected (pretty ugly but better than rust). Was going to camouflage the dodgy paint-job with big vinyl stripes or something an hope I could get at least another year out of her before having to think about either a complete renovation or selling her.

However, on the way home on Tuesday my clutch packed in (overtaking on a motorway with no hard shoulder, of course!). Assuming that's all that I broke I should get it back tomorrow.

Long story short is that although I still love driving her there are now so many niggles and things needing replaced or fixed that it's time for us to part ways. I've got a new car lined up for next weekend so assuming that does not fall through I'll be putting her up for sale on a spares/repairs basis soon. I won't be breaking as I don't have space, time, energy or any way to get the remains to a scrappy.

I'm still coming to JAE and hope that I'll be welcome on the AOC stand without an Almera (I'm taking a leaf from Ed's book and getting a Starlet :) )
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Yeah, just a hint of bubbles last September but by April all four arches and the tailgate were covered. Few old stone chips on the front of the roof going too. The suspension, driveshafts etc seem fine but all the clunking noises from the front and back and clicking when turning are worrying. I've got a spare set of coilovers but to be honest with all the other bits that need done I just don't have the combination of time, tools, garage and money to get her back to as good as I want. Feel a bit guilty as she's done 500 miles a week for two years with relatively little hassle and a lot of fun but life's hard on an old car used as a daily driver.
and it's done very well...for me owning one of these car's (present primera) this is what it's all about.
Although i must admit maintaining them does become a ballache some time's.
Hmmmm. How much are we talking Stu?

Not really thought about that yet. Hard to price it as a whole car because although it's definitely a bit tired I'm not sure if there is anything major wrong or just a whole load of niggly bits that need fixing to one degree or another. I really just need to go over it and make a list of good and bad bits and see what I'm offered.
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