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  • shinzy11
    shinzy11 reacted to amy_nutrock's post in the thread Amys Green N15 with Like Like.
    Well, after fitting them, getting all excited to see the results...realised they're the exact same as the ones I've got. I just didn't...
  • P
    Ok I'm new to this but I've been going crazy with a problem with my 06 Almere 1.5. I've changed the engine and while I had it out I got...
  • S
    Sorted! started with the cheapest and simplest, Diesel filter, replaced and runs fine!!!!!! ;-) could mean the diesel pump is on the...
  • C
    Condan1 posted the thread Styling in Newbie Section.
    Hi birmingham here. Picked up a n16 last week. Silver with gun metal alloys. I’m aware with in the 1.5 petrol that there’s not much use...
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  • I
    Ian haith posted the thread Ignition barrel in Newbie Section.
    Hello new here trying to get hold of a ignition barrel for a Almera automatic 02 not easy to get hold of and different to a manual thanks
  • Dajwid
    Dajwid replied to the thread Fixing a gear shift return spring.
    The problem is the spring costs about £50! From Nissan !! Madness !! I’ve contacted every person breaking Almeras on Ebay nobody can be...
  • J
    Noob' here, just got a tidy 2005 Almera se Automatic as a daily drive and for my 580 mile once a fortnight family visit (I live in...
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  • S
    Spondy replied to the thread Water leak in boot N16 hatch 2000.
    I had the same problem, water in the boot entering from the offside when it rained. I removed the boot lining and used paper towels to...
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  • B
    Thanks for posting this, I have been chasing exactly the same leak down on my N16 3 door for 5 weeks, came across this old post and...
  • Dajwid
    Dajwid posted the thread Newbie in Newbie Section.
    Hi I’ve recently bought A 2006 N16 1.5 SX 60,000 miles. I know it’s boring but it’s great. so far the front callipers seized so new...
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    green-gti replied to the thread My N15 5-door GTi Build....
    Sad that so many of them get killed off to rust...I miss my N15. Best car I ever had!
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    green-gti replied to the thread My N15 VZR.
    Nice build!
  • Hally
    Hally replied to the thread valuation.
    Hi, Do you have any pictures, 3/5 door? colour? Unfortunatly they arent worth a lot but people could be interested in it if there is...
  • D
    divdov posted the thread valuation in Site & Forum Issues.
    I have inherited a 1998 GX hatchback that has done 25,000 miles and is in very good condition apart from a few dings on the corners. It...
  • J
    Cleaned the air intake with Wynns, seems much more responsive. Had an issue with not starting, all lights ok, battery ok but wouldn't...
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