1. 9

    Almera N15 central locking not working

    Hi guys, as the title says my central locking in my almera does not work, I know it used to have working central locking as the owners manual talks about central locking. How can I diagnose the issue? I'm guessing there's a cable or something in the drivers and passenger doorcard? As my car is...
  2. E

    Location of remote key opener reciever

    Hello I have an almera 1999 (guess its SR N15) and I have a remote for door opening but it doesnt open or close the doors. The remote is giving out signal very weakly (even though the battery is brand new) so my question is where is the reciever located in the car? That way I can test it at...
  3. A

    Looking for an air box ( air intake resonator)

    Bought the car back in November and didnt have one in, just thought I'd join to see if anyone has one for sale :) many thanks
  4. R

    Almera Tino - air flow control not working

    My fan works, but the air flow control does not work and is stuck on vents. As a result there is no air rushing to the windscreen which causes it to be misty. How can I fix this? It’s a 2002 model.
  5. David Gall

    Need help, gearbox compatibility

    Hey all, i was wonderinf if someone could help me out here. The gearbox in my 2004 1.4 Almera SE has packed in and i may have a replacement but i do not know if it is compatible with my car. The replacement i have been told is from a 1.5 2004 almera. Does anyone know, i tried looking in...
  6. C

    Radio upgrade?

    Hi all just wondering is there any way i can upgrade or change the way my radio looks i.e diffrent screens etc as i really dont like the standard radio its very plain and boaring please let me know thanks (ive realised ive put this in the n15 section but maybe someone can help)
  7. M

    NATS making me nuts!

    Hello fellows! I have had this problem now for 2 months so I would reeeeally like to get a solution for it. So the car is -99 N15 Almera 1.6 SR. Gives fault codes 141, 142, 143 and 146. Started and shut off immediately. Then flashed engine light. I have tried other key reader or whatever it...
  8. 'meraN15

    Nissan Almera N15 2.0D from Portugal

    Hello guys. I'm new here, I got an Almera just like the title says. I've got it after my mom had it and immediately fell in love whit it. It's my dayly car and I want to get it just better and better. When I started driving it, just after I took my license, it had 148000km on the speedometer and...
  9. Q

    Got a problem with reverse gear

    Hi Everyone, I recently bought an Almera Tino SE+ 1.8L from the year 2001. Its a manual and i have problem with the reverse gear. When i try to put the car into the reverse gear its not allowing me to put it. I can easily put the car into any of the forward gears, smoothly and with no...
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