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    LED headlight upgrade?

    Hi team, I've got a set of LEDs from AliExpress to try out... They all went in ok no issues. But I think they are waaay to bright. Have any of you tried similar? They claim to be 8000lms... A night breaker halogen is 1650 on hi.... Also I've noticed some interference with the radio to. I'm...
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    [help] Almera N16 mk1 to mk2 facelift conversion

    Hi guys! I'm new to this forum but I've been reading your posts since a long time ago. I'm a owner of an Almera N16 2002 mk1 and recently a car crashed at me and damaged my beloved Nissan pretty bad. Is it possible to completely (or at least partially) convert the exterior style of the mk1 to...
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    Looking for N16 Headlights help

    Hello i am from Greece and i bought a nissan almera n16 mk2 this year. I have problem with the right headlight, its very blury unlike the left one that is genuine and is ok. Anyone knows where i can buy used or new Genuine headlights for this model in good price? I also need the rear right back...
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    Almera Dim Headlights

    Over the last year or so my headlights on my 2005 Almera has been pretty bad. I've often heard it described as trying to drive with a candle, which is a pretty apt description. Installing Nightbreakers didn't help either. I've read quite a few of these Almera's had issues with the headlight...
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