1. Eni996

    Almera N16 QG18DE, progress so far

    Hello everyone, 3 months ago I bought Almera N16 (2003) as Daily because my project car was K11 Micra but after about two weeks of driving it I totally fell in love with it and instantly knew that Almera will be project. So I started with few mods like painting the grill full Black, wraping the...
  2. Eni996

    New member, N16 1.8

    Hello everyone, my name is Eni and I'm from Osijek, Croatia, 22 years old. 2 days ago I bought N16 1.8 3D, 2003 production, QG18DE engine. I'm generally pleased with the car, it makes me happy :D I didn't really had time to take proper pictures so here's few...and my other Nissan is Micra K11.
  3. flyboypuoi

    Steering Wheel Buttons (Help!)

    Hello everyone, I've signed up just to ask this really. I don't own an Almera but I own a K11 Micra, the younger sister. I've been sticking on Almera bits here and there (as you probably know they're mostly interchangeable with loads of Nissans of that age) but I have a problem. I put an Almera...
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