1. 9

    Almera N15 central locking not working

    Hi guys, as the title says my central locking in my almera does not work, I know it used to have working central locking as the owners manual talks about central locking. How can I diagnose the issue? I'm guessing there's a cable or something in the drivers and passenger doorcard? As my car is...
  2. B

    GTi badge - 96' N15

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a GTi badge for 96' N15. Does anyone still have a piece laying around that can be sold? A car came without the badge and I'm really keen to bring it back to original condition. Searched through the whole Internet, no luck finding it.
  3. Christopher Berg

    How do i fit lit foglights in my n15 GX

    As the title says. I need a step by step guide to fit fog lighs. If i've done my research right i have the bumber that fits the phase 2 lights. The car is from 1999. Also is it possible to pop out the plastic slots that sits in the bumber for the fog lights?
  4. U

    Introduction and help

    Hello. I found my 1997 1.4l GX near death in the back of a trade yard with 90,000 on clock (used as a trade vehicle for small scale construction). With £200 left in my pocket 9 years ago i bought her. The gearbox and suspension were knackered, dents on wings, missing wing mirror, busted...
  5. Spooner

    Noob question

    Noob question here, Do all fuel injected engines (even my little n15 1.4) have rev limiters?
  6. Spooner

    Lowering Springs

    Do you guys have any idea where I could find good quality lowering springs for the N15 online?
  7. resonancex34

    New member!

    Warm regards from the other side of the world. Kiwi N15 fan that only just discovered this forum. I am very lucky to own a JDM 1998 Nissan Lucino SR-V Aerosport Autech. Its a hell of a mouthful to say, but this car is so very fast. It has the 180 HP version of the SR20DE on an automatic 4wd...
  8. Z

    N15 Door lock issue

    Hey guys, I've created an account as my flat mate has a N15 Pulsar (I'm in New Zealand) and recently she got reversed into, in the front passengers door. I'm replacing the door for her, and I have transferred everything over from the damaged door to the new door. Problem is now that the door...
  9. M

    Gearbox for N15

    Hi all, I have a Aspire 1999 N15 Si and the gearbox is shredded. I got the clutch changed recently and was told it was going but now it's gone! I was wondering: - Does anyone know where's good to look for a cheap one?? eBays not being much help. Does anyone have one for sale possibly?? -...
  10. 'meraN15

    Nissan Almera N15 2.0D from Portugal

    Hello guys. I'm new here, I got an Almera just like the title says. I've got it after my mom had it and immediately fell in love whit it. It's my dayly car and I want to get it just better and better. When I started driving it, just after I took my license, it had 148000km on the speedometer and...
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