1. C

    Radio upgrade?

    Hi all just wondering is there any way i can upgrade or change the way my radio looks i.e diffrent screens etc as i really dont like the standard radio its very plain and boaring please let me know thanks (ive realised ive put this in the n15 section but maybe someone can help)
  2. V

    Radio help needed

    My wife has just got a Tino and they dealer seemed clueless said the code was in the book well no code plus it says in green and bold secure everything else works can not put a after market unit in as aircon is part of it will nissan still sort ? is there a way round this now and will it happen...
  3. E

    JVC KD-X241 compatibility

    Hi! I've bought an external CD Player (model in the topic title) and I can't seem to find an appropriate adapter for it. I currently have the built-in radio (the exact same as on the photos enclosed by @edk in this thread ->...
  4. flyboypuoi

    Steering Wheel Buttons (Help!)

    Hello everyone, I've signed up just to ask this really. I don't own an Almera but I own a K11 Micra, the younger sister. I've been sticking on Almera bits here and there (as you probably know they're mostly interchangeable with loads of Nissans of that age) but I have a problem. I put an Almera...
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